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During fall, many people like to wear a richer, deeper tone for a more natural effect. If you’re going to darken or warm up your color this season, it’s imperative to moisturize and take special care of it for longer wear. Remember that reddish colors fade more quickly than blonde or brunette colors. Reds are first to fade because they are the largest dye molecules. To prevent hair from premature color fade, follow these tips:

Swap out your hair care products. Just like your wardrobe, your winter hair care products should be adapted for the season. Make sure that your products are specifically formulated to repair, restore and moisturize, as well as prevent premature color fade.

Condition more often. This is important especially for longer or color-treated hair, especially at the ends. The ends of long hair don’t have the benefit of being near sebum or hair oils produced at the scalp, so they need moisture replenished constantly to stay healthy and shiny. When conditioning, allow time for the conditioner to sit on the ends of your hair before you rinse it off.

Skip a few shampoos. It’s important not to over-cleanse the hair because you can dry it out and invite color to fade. If you’re used to shampooing daily, try shampooing every other day instead. You can also try shampooing only your scalp, then letting the shampoo rinse down the ends, as opposed to forcefully scrubbing shampoo through the ends. This will help retain your hair color for a longer period of time.