Collection: Color Fading

Do you feel that your haircolor fades way too quickly, or that the color itself changes and becomes brassy or dull? Marco Pelusi’s tenure as a professional colorist has allowed him the opportunity to test hundreds of products over the years. None have truly been able to protect and extend the life of hair color like Marco® Collagen Color Guard®.

Marco Collagen Color Guard is the first and only complete collagen-based system developed for colored and chemically-treated hair. This proprietary technology incorporates a special blend of naturally-occurring collagen, hair keratin and silk amino acids and hydrolyzed wheat proteins that work together to repair, restore and rebuild damaged sites on the hair shaft for increased volume, strength, style-ability, shine and color longevity.

Rx: Extend Hair Color while Repairing and Protecting Hair

Step 1: Use Marco Color Moisturizing Shampoo to gently cleanse while infusing vital moisture and fullness into the hair. Rinse.

Step 2*: Apply Marco Collagen Hydrate Conditioner. Wait 2 minutes and rinse. *For a deeper conditioning treatment, apply this conditioner once a week, wrap hair in towel and wait for 30 minutes before rinsing. 

Step 3: Towel dry gently, but thoroughly. To provide a protective barrier for your haircolor, and for a light, workable hold once the hair is dry, spray a few mists of Marco Color Guard Hairspray six inches from your hair. Use hands to set style in place.

background, color molecules form a helix shape

marco® collagen color guard®

There is no other product line that has truly been able to protect and extend the life of hair color like marco® collagen color guard®

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