How is Marco product shipped, and how long will it take to receive?
All products are shipped via UPS Ground. Please allow at least 1 week to 10 days to receive your shipment.

Can I return a product?
We do not issue product returns or refunds. All sales are final. If you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact us at help@marcopelusi.com, and with proof of product damage, we will arrange to send you a replacement.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
Please feel free to email us at help@marcopelusi.com, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

What makes Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare different than all others on the market?
There is no other product line that has truly been able to protect and extend the life of haircolor like Marco® Collagen Color Guard® — the first and only complete collagen-based system developed for colored and chemically-treated hair.

Are Marco products color-safe?
Yes. The entire product system was created to prevent premature color fade while improving the health of the hair at the same time.

Are Marco products safe for keratin-treated hair?
Yes, in fact, Marco Color Moisturizing Shampoo is especially beneficial for keratin-treated hair, as the formula helps to gently cleanse, while infusing moisture, and maintaining the integrity of the hair.

Do Marco products have an expiration date?
No. Marco products have an indefinite shelf life. The scent may change with time, but the product still works.

Can Marco products be used on hair extensions?
Yes. The entire product system is safe for use with hair extensions.

Are the Marco product fragrances natural?
Yes, all Marco product fragrances are 100% natural.

Are any Marco products fragrance-free?
Yes, Marco Color Smoothing Gloss is fragrance-free.

Are Marco products natural?
Yes. Marco products include all-natural ingredients.

Are Marco products tested on animals?
No. Marco products have never been tested on animals, and never will.

Are Marco products gluten-free?
A number of Marco products contain wheat proteins. The wheat-free products include Marco Color Moisturizing Shampoo and Marco Color Control Gel.

Do Marco products have heat protection?
Yes. All Marco products used in conjunction with heated styling tools incorporate heat-protection ingredients to help protect the integrity of the hair.

Is Marco product packaging recyclable?
Yes. All Marco products are housed in recyclable packaging.

Are Marco products safe to use during pregnancy?
Yes. All Marco products are 100% safe to use during pregnancy.

Do you ship Marco products internationally?
At this time, Marco products are only shipped within the United States.